You can only get this quest around Valentine's Day (February 8th – 21st).

You can repeat this quest up to 3 more times.

Albion VersionEdit

  • Speak with Sir Prescott in Cotswold village in Camelot Hills at (10.9k, 29.7k) to receive this quest.
  • Then speak with Tyne at 28.2k, 22.9k in Camelot
  • Tyne will give you Wildflower Bouquet and a Love Spoon
  • Return to Sir Prescott, ask him if he is [nervous].
  • He wants you to deliver the gifts to Rheda inside the house he is guarding.
  • First hand her the Bouquet then the Love Spoon
  • After you given both items tell her speak to her again.
  • Once Rheda gives you a note return to Prescott and give it to him.
  • Give the note to Prescott then tell him [wished] to finish the quest


Hibernia VersionEdit

Valentine's Traditions - Rumdor in Mag Mell is looking for someone who will help him express his true feelings to his Valentine.

Starts with Rumdor the Stablemaster in MM he sends you to a holiday vendor near TNN East gate to get his valentine a gift then sends you to Ilina, I think is the name, shes the Smith in MM she gives you a note to take back to him you get the cloak and a heart shaped box of chocolates that has 10 charges to summon a Cupid Imp
Depending on your lvl when you complete the quest the reward stats will vary. Rewards:
Hearts Cloak (lvl 45) Hearts Cloak (lvl 35) Hearts Cloak (lvl 25) Box of Chocolates Hearts Cloak (lvl 5) Hearts Cloak (lvl 15) Key to my Heart Heart-Shaped Box

Midgard VersionEdit

  • Speak with Hrolf and say [year] to receive the quest. He is located in the town of Mularn within the Vale of Malarn zone at 49.3k, 53.5k.
  • Once you have the quest tell him [important] to advance the quest.
  • Head to Jordheim and speak with Valan who is located outside of the castle at 24.2k, 21.6k.
  • Tell Valan [spoon] and [heart ] to receive some gifts.
  • Return to Hrolf and ask him if he is [nervous].
  • He wants you to give the gifts to Asta who is out front of the building Hrolf is standing by.
  • Give the Heart Shaped box first then the Love Spoon to Asta and say [moment] to receive a letter to give to Hrolf.
  • Give the letter to Hrolf and tell him [wished] to finish the quest.