Mythirians are an item that usually drops off mobs in the Labyrinth of the Minotaur zone. There is also Dragon Mythirians that can be obtained by completing a series of dragon quests.

Champion Level MythiriansEdit

Augmented Adroit MythirianEdit

Augmented Insightful MythirianEdit

Augmented Mighty MythirianEdit

Augmented Speedy MythirianEdit

Augmented Tempered MythirianEdit

Average Alightment MythirianEdit

Average Archer's MythirianEdit

Average Barricading MythirianEdit

Average Beleaguered Mitigation MythirianEdit

Average Discumbering MythirianEdit

Average Focal MythirianEdit

Average Guerdon MythirianEdit

Average Irrepressible MythirianEdit

Average Mythirian of DeflectionEdit

Average Mythirian of EvasionEdit

Average Mythirian of HealthEdit

  • Champion Level: 10
  • Mythical Health Regen: 35

Average Mythirian of PowerEdit

Average Mythirian of SiphoningEdit

Average Onslaught MythirianEdit

Average Opulence MythirianEdit

Average Protection MythirianEdit

Average Scathing MythirianEdit

Average Warding Mythirian of EssenceEdit

Bolstering Adroit MythirianEdit

  • Champion Level: 8
  • Mythical Dexterity Stat and Cap increase: 8

Bolstering Insightful MythirianEdit

Bolstering Mighty MythirianEdit

Bolstering Speedy MythirianEdit

  • Champion Level: 8
  • Mythical Quickness Stat and Cap Increase: 8

Bolstering Tempered MythirianEdit

Greater Alightment MythirianEdit

Greater Archer's MythirianEdit

Greater Barricading MythirianEdit

Greater Beleaguered Mitigation MythirianEdit

Greater Discumbering MythirianEdit

Greater Focal MythirianEdit

Greater Irrepressible MythirianEdit

Greater Mythirian of DeflectionEdit

Greater Mythirian of EvasionEdit

Greater Mythirian of HealthEdit

Greater Mythirian of PowerEdit

Greater Mythirian of SiphoningEdit

Greater Mythirian of TransmigrationEdit

Greater Onslaught MythirianEdit

  • Champion Level: 10
  • Mythical Siege Speed: 6

Greater Opulence MythirianEdit

Greater Protection MythirianEdit

Greater Scathing MythirianEdit

Greater Warding Mythirian of EssenceEdit

Lesser Alightment MythirianEdit

Lesser Archer's MythirianEdit

Lesser Barricading MythirianEdit

Lesser Beleaguered Mitigation MythirianEdit

Lesser Discumbering MythirianEdit

Lesser Focal MythirianEdit

Lesser Guerdon MythirianEdit

Lesser Irrepressible MythirianEdit

Lesser Mythirian of DeflectionEdit

Lesser Mythirian of EvasionEdit

Lesser Mythirian of HealthEdit

Lesser Mythirian of PowerEdit

Lesser Mythirian of SiphoningEdit

Lesser Mythirian of TransmigrationEdit

Lesser Onslaught MythirianEdit

Lesser Opulence MythirianEdit

Lesser Protection MythirianEdit

Lesser Warding Mythirian of EssenceEdit

Mythirian of EktaktosEdit

  • Champion Level: 10
  • Breath underwater and swim faster. You cant swim faster in Frontiers

Mythirian of EnduranceEdit

  • Champion Level: 10
  • Mythical Endurance Regen: 2

Protector's Bluntbender MythirianEdit

Protector's Bodybender MythirianEdit

Protector's Edgebender MythirianEdit

Protector's Energybender MythirianEdit

Protector's Heatbender MythirianEdit

Protector's Icebender MythirianEdit

Protector's Matterbender MythirianEdit

Protector's Spiritbender MythirianEdit

Protector's Thrustbender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Bluntbender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Bodybender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Edgebender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Energybender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Heatbender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Icebender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Matterbender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Spiritbender MythirianEdit

Reinforcing Thrustbender MythirianEdit

Dragon MythiriansEdit

These have no CL requirements but they are rather hard to get, because you have to complete the following.

  1. Get friendly faction to the towns in the dragon zones.
  2. Finish the quest A History in Stone (Alb), Heir to a Lost Homestead (Hib), Battles in the Mist (Mid)
  3. Finish the quest Moran the Mighty (Alb), Maldahar the Glimmer Prince (Hib), Yar the Firstborn (Mid)
  4. Finish the quest The Great Hunt to kill the 4 mini dragons in the dragon zone.
  5. Finish the quest to kill the main dragon in the dragon zone.
  6. Finish the Dragon Armor quest
  7. Finish the Dragon Weapon quest
  8. Get the Dragon Myths & Legends

Dragon Armor MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Resist and Cap Increase to all stats by 1%
  • Conversion: 1% of all damage dealt heals your power and endurance instead.

Dragon Focus MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Endurance Regen: 1
  • Mythical Evade: 3
  • Mythical Stat and Cap Increase Con, Str, Dex by 3

Dragon Hoard MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Coin: 3
  • Mythical Realm Point: 3
  • 3% bonus to all bounty points earned
  • 3% bonus to all experience earned

Dragon Intellect MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Spell Increase: 3
  • Mythical Stat and Cap Increase: Con, Aquity, Dex by 3
  • Bonus to duration of spells: 5%
  • Bonus to spell range: 1%

Dragon Movement MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Breath Underwater
  • Mythical Crowd Control Duration Decrease: 3
  • Mythical Safe Fall: 30
  • Mythical Encumbrance: 40

Dragon Power MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Endurance Regen: 1
  • Mythical Power Regen: 5
  • Mythical Health Regen: 20
  • Arcane Siphon: 5%

Dragon Strength MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Parry: 2
  • Mythical Block: 2
  • Mythical Physical Defense: 2
  • Mythical Stat and Cap Increase Con, Str, Dex by 3

Dragon Will MythirianEdit

Magical Bonuses:

  • Mythical Stat and Cap Increase Con, Acuity, Dex by 3
  • Concentration: 5%
  • Power: 5% of power pool
  • Bonus to healing effectiveness: 5%

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