Moran the Mighty (Albion)
Vital Quest Stats
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Level: 49
Start Dannen
End: Dannen
Prerequisites: A History in Stone, friendly with Stonecrush Clan
Level: 49
Location: Dartmoor
Rewards: xp, 110g
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A History in Stone The Great Hunt


You must have A History in Stone quest done and be friendly with Stonecrush Clan.

To start this quest speak with Dannen inside the Stonecrush Clan Cave at (5.7k 12.6k) in Dartmoor.

Moran can be found in the forest at the very SE corner of Dartmoor. He has a group with him. Kill the adds first then kill him. You need a group to kill him since he is purple and all his adds are either purple or red con at level 50.


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