Eldritch is a primary spellcasting class for Hibernia, and serves as the realm's deadly damage dealer. As with most primary casters, the Eldritch has access to powerful bolts of magic, which are flung quickly across great distances to his enemies. They pack a powerful punch when successfully landed. Along with this they have some very nice utility spells: this includes stuns and nearsight.

Eldritches follow the Path of Focus.

Races Edit

Only Elf and Lurikeen may learn the ways of an Eldritch. The recommended choice for this class is the Elf.

Training Edit

Eldritches have six lines of magic, three of which are modified by level and the other three by training in them using points gained upon leveling. This class receives 1.0 points per level to train in.

Lines of magic: Mana, Light, and Void

Armor & Weapons Edit

The Eldritch is a cloth armor-wearing caster, that uses staff weapons.

Champion WeaponEdit

Draiocht Eldritch Staff