Darkness Rising Chapter 2Edit

Conspiracy: Finding the KeeperEdit

Level: 40

  • Go to entrance of Darkness Falls and use the amulet
  • Once you have used the amulet and have entered the Demonic Prison speak with Oonalo.
  • Eternal Darkness is in NE corner of map and Eternal Hate is in SE corner.
  • When you have killed one of them a Wicked Deamhaness spawns if you don't kill it more mobs will come.
  • Once you have killed Eternal Hate and Eternal Darkness make your way to Geryon
  • You will encounter a spider called Bolehs who has a real nasty dot.
  • When you reach Geryon room there is 3 Chaosian Protectors you need to kill first.
  • Once they are down engage Geryon when he dies Oonalo transforms into Eternal Greed.
  • You can kill him for a Rucksack of Eternal Greed or skip him.
  • Speak with Anataeus to be teleported back to Camelot.
  • Return to Chamberlain Harlen be prepared because he will turn on you.
  • Then speak to King Constantine to finish the quest


Level: 50

  • Speak with King Constantine to begin the quest.
  • Seek out Anataeusm, he is on the second floor of the round table room in Camelot at 27k, 16.8k.